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Mitutoyo Profile Projector

Surface Roughness Tester

Air Gauge

We at Gemsons Precision Engineering (P) Ltd. have a stringent quality check at every level i.e. inward, in-process and the final stage, thereby reducing rejection and maintaining high quality levels, as per our quality plans.

Our workshop is equipped with the best IMT equipment such as Mitutoyo CNC CMM Machine, MAHR & Mitutoyo Programmable Height Station, Trimos Height Masters, Digimatic 1micron Micrometers, 3-point Micrometers, Air Gauges, Slip Boxes, Dial Indicators etc.

We have a very good facility at Inward stage to check Radiography, Cracks & Chemical Composition. We have our PMI Instruments, Ultrasonic crack detector & Radiography to check cobalt 60 & other hazardous elements.

Calibration of gauges is carried out in-house. Instruments and Equipments are calibrated at approved laboratories traceable to National Standards [NPL, India].

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