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 Fitting & Assembly Section

The fitting and assembly section handles the final assembly and packaging of all products before they can be shipped to the respective clients. All secondary operations like deburring, tapping, drilling, polishing & ultrasonic clearing it's done here.

We use product special jigs, fixtures and assembly aides to ensure perfection in all the assembled components. The packaging is done as per customer specific norms in accordance with the shipment requirement and quantities.

Special jigs and fixtures required for this purpose are usually fabricated in-house to ensure correctness of all relevant parameters. As in all other sections of our company, skilled hands are employed in this section to facilitate fault-free fitting, inspection & packing.

Once the final product is ready, it is inspected as per sampling plans using requisite gauges, Instruments and then packed and forwarded to the despatch section, which handles dispatches to all customers, as per schedule.
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