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Oil & Gas



Our Esteemed Clientele

  • Gemsons is directly exporting to the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, Luxembourg, New Zealand, China, Japan, Malaysia & Singapore for the last several years.

  • Gemsons machines parts for the Instrumentation, Radar, Oil & Gas, Valve & Regulator Aerospace & Motion, Medical Parts, Textile Parts & Precision Machine of Components & Assemblies.

  • We Machine parts in Stainless Steel & Tool Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium Brass, Aluminium Bronze & also Exotic Materials like Inconel, Monel & Nitronics.

  • We Manufacture Components in Bar Stock, Investments Casting, SG Iron Castings & Forgings. Inspection & Ultrasonic cleaning is carried out as per our Quality Plan, thereby meeting all the requirement of our domestic and overseas customers.

  • Gemsons has manufactured Import Substitute Textile Assemblies as per DuPont-USA, Toray-Japan, and Barmag-Germany specifications.

  • The components are manufactured under stringent and metadious process plans thereby giving it a better wear resistance & life. We also specialise in hard part turning which very few of our competitors dare to undertake.

  • We are well known for manufacturing assemblies and specials as per customer drawings and specifications. We have our inhouse Toolroom specializing in manufacturing non-standard Cutting Tools, Holders, Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures thereby reducing Lead time for Prototypes & Samples.

  • Gemsons Precision Engineering (P) Ltd., manufactures and supplies components to the Automobile industry from bar stock to forgings. We cater to this competitive market, thus maintaining quality and consistency.

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