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Computer Aided

Computer Aided


Gemsons utilizes the latest in CAD/CAM technology. Our MasterCAM Software enables us to design and simulate 2D/3D models & components.

These designs can then be used to program machining codes. Our infrastructure allows import of various formats such as DWG, IGS, DXF into our CNC programming database. We can run detailed machining simulations and time studies.


Thereafter modifications can be made to the machining run. This ensures foolproof testing of the machining process even before the actual machining can commence.Gemsons uses its CAD/CAM facilities to design its own Jigs, Fixtures, Special tools and gauges.

We use AutoCAD to generate our own Process Drawings & Process Sheets.Our machines are all connected to our MasterCAM network, where we can verify tool path & edit programs by loading & unloading programs to the machine controllers. All programs are Stored on the PC & backup is maintained on our Inhouse Server All data is interfaced at every level through our LAN network.

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